I’ve Never Seen That Before

Photo Credit: calamur via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: calamur via Compfight cc

I wouldn’t say I ever got used to being gawked at like an animal at the zoo while we were living in India, but it happened far less when we moved to Delhi.  Outside of the village, in a city that’s home to thousands of expats, we were no longer a novelty that could potentially cause a ten rickshaw pile-up!

With that said, I had one of my funniest encounters with an ogler while we were living in the city.  On MG Road in Gurgaon there are several metal fabricators advertising their services from roadside stalls with simple white signs.  We had hired one of them to make three metal bed frames for us.  (Getting slightly off topic, the beds were lovely.  They looked just like some pictures that I had brought from an Ethan Allan catalog for FAR less money! *Sigh*)  Anyway, when the beds were finished they delivered them to our apartment.  That’s where things got interesting.

Jonathan, my husband, was not at home that particular day.  When the crew arrived, they scurried from room to room carrying metal pieces to each prospective bedroom and assembling them. Everything proceeded in a very professional manner until it was time for them to leave.  As I handed each worker a tip, one of the guys was clearly gobsmacked.  He walked backwards, a goofy grin on his lips, staring at me with each step, across my living room.  In fact, he was so oblivious to everything else that he didn’t even realize when he reached the front door, which had been left ajar by his exiting friends.  Somewhere near the entry, he finally spun his body towards the door but kept his face turned towards me.  The next thing I knew he walked straight into the side of the door that had been left open!  I’m pretty sure it left a mark–on his face, and his pride!  I had never seen anyone do that before in real life, and as I closed the door behind him I burst out laughing.  Pure entertainment!