About Me


Hi!  I’m Erica Barthalow.  I’m so glad you stopped by!  Having served in some form of ministry for very nearly my whole life, but full-time for the past 13 years, I’ve found that everyone is looking for genuine friends and authenticity.  I hope you’ll find that here.

About Me and What You’ll Find on My Blog

I blog about topics that are related to my life–mostly ministry and missions.  My husband, Jonathan, and I began ministry together back in 2002 when, as volunteers, we started leading the Sunday night Children’s service at James River Assembly in Springfield, Missouri.  The following year we moved to Des Moines, Iowa to work as Children’s Pastors at Christian Life Assembly.  That was an education, and one of the most priceless experiences ever!  In three short years we were able to experience children, youth, and worship ministry (and a break-neck speed of life!), as well as meet some of the best people anyone could ever know.  Next up–missions.  We left Christian Life in 2006 to go to India as missionaries.  I’ve blogged extensively about this period of time.  If you’re new to the blog and want to know more about this I recommend you start here, with Holy Doubt.  We were in India until December of 2009.  When we returned back home my husband became the director of Chi Alpha campus ministries for the state of Iowa.  It was so exciting to see what God is doing on the college and university campuses across Iowa, the country, and the world.  And almost two years ago, our family began a new chapter as the lead pastors of Crosspoint Church in Waverly, Iowa, and we’re amazed daily at the way God moves in our midst in both large and small ways.  Well, that’s our life in a nutshell.

In my spare time I love writing, running, music, and a good cup of tea (specifically Trader Joe’s Candy Cane).  I am insanely lucky to be living in the beautiful state of Iowa where, along with my husband and our two kids, Jacob and Juliana, we just purchased our own little slice of heaven–7 acres in the country where the critters can drive me crazy!  You can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter or via email at erica(dot)barthalow@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you (seriously!).  And please sign up on the left sidebar to keep up with my blog via email so you don’t miss a thing. 🙂

Looking for a Place to Start?

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I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope that you’re encouraged and blessed by what you find in these pages!

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