Putting it in Words


Re:write Contest

In case you haven’t heard yet (if you’re friends with my husband, Jonathan, on Facebook there’s no way you haven’t!) we had some exciting news a little over a week ago.  I’m on the list (#7)!

At the beginning of December I submitted a book proposal for a writing contest associated with the Re:write conference I’ll be attending in February.  The book is about my struggle with doubt as a missionary in India and the way it has reshaped my faith. And incredibly, I made it into the top 10.  They’ll announce the winner at the conference (February 27th, to be exact).  But I wanted to thank everyone who has prayed for and encouraged me along the way, and ask you to continue to pray that God would place the message of this book into the hands of those who need it–however he chooses to do it.

I feel a little like I did on Christmas when I was 7-years-old, holding my breath, hoping, as I ripped off the wrapping paper from the box that held the white fringed cowboy boots that I’d been asking for forever.  I remember walking around the house in an almost dream-like state, heels clicking on the tile floor.  I’m pretty sure my mom had to pry them off my feet that night when I went to bed.  I’ve had to pinch myself almost every day since the contest announcement and I still don’t think it’s sunk in.  It’s almost too much to comprehend. That God would allow a girl who’s believed most of her life that she didn’t have anything valuable to say, to write a book proposal that is being looked at by Tyndale publishing is humbling to say the least.  I guess we’ll see what God has in store.  But thanks for being on the journey with me!


One thought on “Putting it in Words

  1. Jan

    Oh, Erica. God is so good. Praying for you, and there is no doubt in my mind that God will use your story to heal countless hearts. You are such a gifted writer and story teller, and I’m so excited for you!! I can’t wait for February 27!!!

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