underground cisterns beneath the incredible city of Istanbul

underground cisterns beneath the incredible city of Istanbul

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For those of you who have been following the “beauty in the brokenness” thread and have been left hanging all summer…sorry!!  I’m back now and the saga continues 🙂

If you can’t remember where we left off start here

Upon arrival in Turkey I was overwhelmed by how Western it felt.  To my surprise, they even drove on the same side of the road!  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it shattered all of my expectations, and was a much welcomed respite from our life in India.  It was gorgeous!  And the history!  And did I mention, it was gorgeous?  Oh, but I digress.  In case you can’t tell it’s one of my favorite places.

Almost from the moment we arrived, my children no longer had diarrhea and my daughter didn’t have any more of the frightening spells that terrified me beyond words.  After six long months of constantly battling mystery illnesses that no doctor could explain or treat all traces of their sicknesses ceased.  Seemingly overnight.  No explanation except the hand and goodness of God.  All I felt was an overwhelming sense of relief.  But little did we know we were about to be introduced to a new reality upon our return to India…


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