Confessions of an Imperfect Christian–#5


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Confession #1–It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post!  It was a good summer with the kids, but they’re back in school (cue the angelic choir) and I’m back to the blog 🙂

Confession #2–I can be spiritually blind and deaf

Photo Credit: RonAlmog via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: RonAlmog via Compfight cc

Alright, here’s another confession, since I’m on a roll: I love football.  Nobody is more excited about the NFL season opener Thursday night between the Green Bay Packers (Go Pack!) and the Seattle Seahawks than me (well, maybe my son).  In the meantime, I’ve been getting my football fix with preseason games.  About two weeks ago, my son and I were watching the Packers play the St. Louis Rams and I was standing in the kitchen over a sink full of dirty dishes when I suddenly realized that about five to ten minutes of the game had passed, and I didn’t have a clue what was happening.  While my eyes were technically fixed on the screen, and I had seen the players moving around the field, I wasn’t really paying attention.  I’ll chalk it up to the wide margin in the score (sorry Rams fans), but it made me think about all of the times that I technically “see” something, but don’t really take the time or invest the brainpower to comprehend or appreciate it.

Many of you may know that our family moved to a new community this summer, and I have the delightful privilege of driving over a bridge nearly every day that spans a beautiful little waterfall.  Looking at the water as it rushes over the rocks, smooth like onyx on top and then frothy white at the bottom, literally makes me happy.  However, as gorgeous as it is and as much as I love it, sometimes I don’t even look in it’s direction.  Or other times I see it in a very vacant, disengaged way, not allowing it’s restorative power to move me.  I’m ashamed to admit, I often read my Bible in much the same way.  I see the words on the page, but my mind wanders and I fail to comprehend or appreciate what it’s saying to me.  I don’t take the time to really listen to what the words are whispering to my heart and forfeit the restorative and life-changing power they can bring.

Today I’m praying to live more fully in each moment, whether it’s taking in a beautiful sunset, waterfall, or football game, or reading the word of God.  I want each moment to be filled with appreciation for what’s before me and my mind with comprehension so that I don’t miss out on all the incredible things that God wants to do in and through me.  If you relate, drop me a note.  I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Confessions of an Imperfect Christian–#5

  1. Jan

    OH MY, Erica! I’ve noticed this about myself too–far too often. So frustrating. I try now to start with a prayer, asking God to make my mind sharp and attentive before I read. Thanks for driving this home to me once again. As a side note, however, I have to tell you, I’m deeply concerned about my good friend’s allegiance to the Packers. 🙂 SKOL, VIKINGS! Love ya!

  2. Elizabeth Watson

    I can so relate to this! I have to make a conscious effort to slow down, constantly it seems, because I don’t want my kids to fall into the same trap of just going thought the motions of life and never appreciating the small stuff. A good friend of mine once said that “if it’s an inconvenience, it’s probably God”, and I find that to be so true! I have learned to welcome distraction, inconvenience, deviation from MY course to embrace the path God would really rather I take.
    So glad you’re back!!! I was just thinking about you the other day wondering if you were settled yet. 🙂

    • I love that! “If it’s an inconvenience, it’s probably God.” It’s funny how when he tries to slow us down to show us something it usually feels like an imposition 🙂 That’s awesome that you’re welcoming those course corrections :)–We are finally getting settled. Moving three times in two months was not too fun, but we survived! And I’m so glad to be back in a routine.

  3. Anonymous

    I, too, am a great football fan. A little “unbalanced” so to speak, ‘cuz I like the Vikings and the Packers as much as I love college- Panthers and Hawkeyes. Then there is great nephew 7th grade middle school Waverly…….So, yes I too, even at my ripe age, have to focus to live in the mention and see all that God sets before me to focus on his kingdom. It always hits me in the face when someone like our friend reaches heaven and while we celebrate his well led life, there is still some grieving that must take place as we seek to know His glory and more than a bit of sadness reflecting on those who no longer are in our earthly life. Thanks for helping me take a breath, turn to the scripture and really focus on the word.

  4. I am a Vikings fan but only out of loyalty to my home state. I really only enjoy going to football games — probably all the people watching I can do. Although I do enjoy watching friends jump around and scream at the t.v. 🙂

    Now living in the moment is something I truly enjoy. I determined quite awhile ago that I was done rushing. I was determined to slow life down. Yes, it can be done but it takes planning and people aren’t always so receptive of it. Especially if they are the ones you have to say no to because something has to give – God reminded me that I am in charge of my schedule and that checking in with Him is vital to not falling into overcommitment traps. Reading Ann Voscamps book One Thousand Gifts has also helped me to see things differently.
    Welcome back to the blogosphere — I have not been very active in blogging this summer either.

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