The Myth of the Multitasker

Photo Credit: Double--M via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Double–M via Compfight cc

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It’s often stated, and always implied, that women are the ultimate multitaskers.  Ummm…I’m pretty sure I missed that memo!  There are plenty of women out there who can juggle it all, and do it with style and flair–but I’m not one of them.

In a perfect world, focusing on one thing at a time, and devoting my entire attention to it, is when I’m at my best.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in a perfect world!  And right now, my world has quite a few things going on, including my kids wrapping up the school year putting me on full-time mommy duty once again (it’s hard work trying to keep kids from climbing the walls on summer break!–all of you moms know exactly what I’m saying). 🙂

Along the lines of trying to create some space to do a few things that I really want to do while my summer fills up with the kids, I’m going to be taking a break from the blog for a while (don’t worry, I’ll be back! (cue the Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).  🙂  I’m going to my first writer’s conference (woot! woot!) this fall, and I’d like to have a rough draft of the book I’m working on done, so I feel like I have a reason for being there!  Wish me luck and I’d take all the prayers I can get!  See you soon!


3 thoughts on “The Myth of the Multitasker

  1. will miss your blog but have a great summer! I have fond memories of summers with the kiddos. They grow up so fast.
    Saying a prayer with you about the book. How exciting!!

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