Beautiful Turkey!

Beautiful Turkey!

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The testing on our daughter’s ears didn’t reveal any problems.  So we steadily moved through a battery of testing, each test designed to eliminate yet another possibility.  Each more terrifying than the next, as all of the simple things were being eliminated.  We had x-rays, EEG’s (that’s what the picture from the last Missions post was), and at the end of it all we still had no answers.  While it was a relief that the tests didn’t reveal anything serious, it was unspeakably frustrating to experience these spells and wonder what could possibly be going on…

When we moved to the Delhi area I thought I was going to be able to breathe–catch my breath.  Wrong!  Almost from the first day in our new apartment both of our kids started having diarrhea from the wee morning hours until they went to bed at night.  This went on for six months.  Never. Missing. A. Day.  Between our daughter’s symptoms and both of the kids’ diarrhea it felt like we lived at the hospital or in the bathroom.  And we could never pinpoint the source of the diarrhea either.  Clearly, we were under attack, and my weapons were prayer and ampules of electrolytes!

As a parent, nothing gets to you like something happening to your child.  So to say I was stressed didn’t really scratch the surface.  My children were suffering and I couldn’t help them.  I was helpless, and it was not a good feeling.  A few days after our daughter’s EEG test we were scheduled to fly to Turkey for a conference.  With leaden hearts, and our eyes on the nearest bathrooms, we boarded the plane…



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