Finding Hope

Our daughter having tests run

Our daughter having tests run

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Our daughter’s stroke-like episodes continued intermittently for several months. Every time they would come on suddenly–and then disappear–and she would seem just fine a few hours later. It frustrated and scared me not knowing what could be happening in her little body. And, after our first encounter with the doctors in India, I wasn’t feeling very confident about finding the answers we so desperately wanted.

We talked with several trusted friends from the States who are wonderful doctors, and they shared our concern over her symptoms, but without seeing her, they were at a loss to help us.

As a last ditch effort, we took her to Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket. Over the course of the preceding months, with each unsuccessful and bewildering doctor’s appointment, we could feel our hope draining out like air from a tiny pinprick in a balloon. But walking into the cavernous glass lobby, I had just enough hope (and mostly desperation) to propel me to the pediatric wing.

We, once again, took our seats in waiting room chairs and waited to see the doctor. When we finally found ourselves face to face with him he began to ask us questions. Questions about our daughter’s symptoms. Behind his glasses, I could see his concern and his mind working out the possibilities.

He said, “I think we will begin with an examination of her ears. Often, the source of balance issues can be found there.”

With that one statement, I could have reached over the desk and kissed him! Finally, a doctor who was employing logic and making sense!!  Relief (from a tension that had been mounting for months) washed over me, and the feeling that, if there were answers to be found, this doctor would find them. So the testing began…



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