Wait and See

 Photo Credit: pedrosimoes7 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: pedrosimoes7 via Compfight cc

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“Wait and see!” I repeated over and over to my kids as we watched a particularly suspenseful Road to Avonlea episode. Like any good story, it was presenting conundrums and dilemmas that hadn’t yet been resolved, and my kids wanted to know what was going to happen. They wanted to know if everything was going to turn out alright.

Whenever my daughter gets worried about a character’s fate she always asks, “He’s a main character, right?” When I reassure her that “yes, he is,” she can generally finish the story without any other questions, because, in her mind, surely nothing really bad would happen to the main character. She’s settled the most important question. Now she can trust the process and let the story unfold. Her literary experiences have taught her that while the main character can, and usually does, face some peril they, more often than not, emerge on the other side transformed in some way and have learned a valuable lesson.

I have to admit, I often find myself asking God much the same questions that my daughter asks me when she’s worried about a movie or book’s ending. “What’s going to happen now?” “Are they going to be OK?” I want to know if everything is going to turn out alright in my life and the lives of the people I love. But often the only response I get is a loving, “wait and see.” Every good storyteller knows that they can’t answer every question at the very beginning. And God is the ultimate storyteller, using our lives to tell his story. So he patiently tells me “wait and see” when I want to skip ahead to the end.

I could smile and say those three words that frustrate my daughter because I knew the ending. In a much greater way and on a much grander scale, God knows the ending too and the answers to all of our questions. While I might not like the process sometimes, I’m learning to trust and let the story unfold while I “wait and see.”
Is God telling you to “wait and see” about something in your life?

How does that make you feel? Tell him.


One thought on “Wait and See

  1. Waiting and see for me is not very comfortable..I do not like not knowing what the future holds. I have always been a planner and for the past two years I have had to put that aside. God has been challenging me to embrace the uncomfortable and to embrace when I do not know what the future holds and think of it more as exciting than frightening.

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