This is War

Photo Credit: Julie70 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Julie70 via Compfight cc

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So often in India it felt like we’d take one step forward only to be knocked back ten.  It was spiritual warfare on a level I had never experienced before.  And one of the battlegrounds, that was particularly distressing to me, was our children’s health.  Our kids were two and four-years-old by the time we finally found a home in the Delhi area, and as we settled in, things took a sharp turn, seemingly overnight.

One of our first Sundays in our new home city Jonathan was out of town in a remote village with our friend *Mark, so *Melissa and I took the four kids to church.  We were out in the lobby/restaurant area of the guest house where the church met watching the children weave in and out of the empty tables and chairs playing a game of tag.  They were laughing and having a great time.  However, as I watched my two-year-old daughter, I noticed that she was walking strange, dragging one leg, and bumping into the tables.  I grabbed my friend, Melissa, confused and nervous, we both watched her stumble around.  She looked like she’d had a stroke!  She finally couldn’t keep herself upright anymore and sat with a thump on the floor.  I flew over and scooped her up.  My mind started racing, filling with terrible thoughts.  One thing kept echoing over and over: something’s wrong with my little girl!  But how could this be?  She was completely fine just five minutes earlier!  I couldn’t wrap my brain around what I was seeing.  All I knew was my husband was far away, barely accessible by phone, and I was terrified.

We gathered up the other children, loaded into the car, and headed straight to the hospital.  We were fortunate to have one nearby, but what they would tell us would not be welcome at all…

*not their real names




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