Coping with Mommy Overload

Photo Credit: achimh via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: achimh via Compfight cc

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Living in the Delhi metro area was a Godsend for me. Some people enjoy the quiet village life, but it was not for me. Especially with two small children. I needed to get out–to have somewhere to go! That was one of the things that my counselor stressed–I needed to find a way to recreate some of my coping-with-life-with-two-toddlers strategies from the States.

One of my rituals in the States, when I was on mommy overload, was to strap both of my kids into their car seats and drive (oh, how I would drive!) to the Starbucks that was 30 minutes away from my house. Was there one closer? Sure. But then I wouldn’t have had an hour (just one sweet hour, that’s all I needed) of the sheer bliss that is two small children confined to one spot with no possible way of escape. They could cry, but they were safe with minimal supervision, and I was sane with my foot on the gas pedal and a chai in my hand.

When we moved to India all of that freedom, and that method of coping with stress, evaporated. I couldn’t drive anywhere. (I do not have the stress threshold required to deal with driving in Indian traffic!) Living in the mountain village there was nowhere to go that didn’t require even more vigilance than just staying home (which equaled zero mommy breaks and near insanity), but when we moved to the Delhi area my husband hired a driver and a whole new world opened up. Life suddenly became a little brighter with the return of some freedom and mobility…



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