On Cramped Quarters and Wonderful Friends


When we finally moved to the Delhi area we still had no home.  But we did have friends, and one of those friends was willing to take our family of four into their home for five weeks!  You might expect that two families of four sharing a small three bedroom apartment would be disastrous, but it turned out to be exactly what we needed.  (Just a side note, you know someone is a true friend when, after living with each other for five weeks, you still enjoy one another’s company!)

Our friends Michael and Melissa* (once again not their real names) graciously invited us into their home and their lives.  We shared meals in the evenings, and Melissa and I talked for hours during the day while our kids (who were the same ages) played together.  It was during this time that I was finally able to take a breath, to stop and reflect on everything that had taken place over the past six months.

We began to build a routine and start moving the pieces around to start life and ministry in the Delhi area (not a fast process, by the way).  One of the things that began to emerge as an area of ministry that I could be involved in with two small children was hospitality.  I could bless people through opening up my home.  Delhi is a huge hub; people from our organization were constantly coming and going while traveling either in and out of the country or within India’s borders.  Experiencing the restorative power of a quiet, clean place, first in Thailand, at my counselor’s guest house, and then at our friends’ in Delhi, I knew I wanted to create a welcoming and peaceful environment for guests.

It seemed like everything was coming together nicely…



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