Ruffled and Shuffled


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We wrapped up our time and counseling in Thailand and proceeded straight to limbo.  Over the past seven months we had gone from living with family (before we went to India), to my own piece of purgatory on the mountainside, and then various guest houses, hotels, and friends’ houses.  I was starting to feel more shuffled than a deck of cards at a Vegas casino.

Ultimately, our hope was to land in the Delhi area, but some things needed to take place before that could happen.  So, we went to Bangalore.  Temporarily.  I questioned that move over and over in my mind; why we had to live in a continuous state of rootlessness.  No matter which angle I viewed it from I couldn’t see the point.  My kids were two and four and, like most children, they craved stability and routine–I couldn’t give them either of those.  Everything around us felt temporary and hard to connect with until we met Dev* (not his real name–sorry about all the “not their real names” disclaimers, some of these people still live in sensitive areas and I don’t want to cause any problems for them).

From the beginning of our marriage, Jonathan and I have always lived apart from family.  But somehow, in each place that we’ve lived God has given us people that felt like family, and who’ve adopted us in to their hearts.  Dev was one of these gifts.  Jonathan called him his “brother from another mother.”  Looking back I can see that living in Bangalore was worth it, if for no other reason than the relationship that was built with Dev.  A realization was starting to dawn on me that maybe I just needed to relax and start trusting that God was working behind the scenes on my behalf.  But this trust thing was not going to come easy…



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