You Know You’re a Missionary When…


Top 8 Ways You Know You’re a Missionary:

8.  It’s only 10 AM and your power has already been cut–twice–and you’re not sure if it will come back on again, or who you should call if it doesn’t.

7.  You’ve spent way more time discussing your bathroom habits than you ever thought possible.

6.  You know that a family of 6 can (and does!) fit on a small motorcycle!

5.  In the process of learning a new language you’ve forgotten how to read your own.

4.  You’ve had to ask either a visitor to your country or a new missionary if food actually tastes good, because you’re pretty sure your taste buds are failing you.

3.  Your definition of clean has changed dramatically, and your personal hygiene now includes something called a “bucket bath.”

2.  Your stuff has been stolen, not by people, but by animals that you’ve only previously ever seen in cages.

1.  While home on itineration/furlough, someone asks you if you’re having a nice vacation!


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