Open Mouth, Insert Foot


It was the first Sunday at our very first full-time ministry position ever.  We had been hired to be the children’s pastors, and the now-retired, previous children’s pastor had graciously invited us, and all of the children’s workers, over for a little meet-and-greet.

Things were going really well until we all gathered in a large circle in the middle of the living room to play a game. 

The game consisted of everyone writing a little known fact about his or herself on a small slip of paper and then all of the slips were mixed together in a bag, at which point we proceeded to go around the circle drawing a slip and guessing which fact belonged to which person.  How do you mess that up, right?  Well…

Someone reached into the bag and pulled out a clue.  Reading it aloud, he said, “I once wore a nearly see-through skirt to work and forgot to put on a slip–and my desk was in front of a window!”  Now, what happened next was the point where, if you’re watching a horror movie, you’re screaming for the heroine not to open the door. “Don’t do it!” you yell; and then, when she does, you slap your forehead with your palm and think what a dummy!…. 

Now the moment of truth.  Time for the man reading the clue to guess which person he thought fit this description.  He looked up and said, “Erica” (that’s me, in case you didn’t realize that).  Now why (oh why?), in this moment, I couldn’t just smile and say “No,” I don’t know!  But I could feel my facial muscles tensing into a grimace and, appalled that he thought that was my “fact,” I blurted out,  “No, that’s not me–and (here’s the clincher, and the point I should have stopped talking) if it was, I never would have shared that,” as if it was the worst, most tawdry thing I had ever heard.  Ugh!  I still want to slap my own forehead just thinking about it!  The look on the woman’s face, who after my little outburst had to admit that the “fact” was about her, is seared on my retinas forever!

Yep, that was me, ladies and gentlemen, winning ’em over!  I hope this makes you laugh today 🙂


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